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2013 SFD Food Product & Distribution Mission:

Sustainable Food Development Inc. will produce and distribute to its consumer clients and distributors high-quality food products under its Private Label of "Pure Harvest" Farm Products.
It has the opportunity to create reproducible Local-Scale agricultural developments producing premium branded product for ready markets. SFD's expertise and science-based solutions will allow for the unification of a single "sustainable" brand that incorporates standards for: Food Safety, Animal Welfare (humane treatment), and Environmental Sustainability. 

The Food execution; is to plan branded food product solutions that can be implemented through actionable interphase with current food production, or by building new local production. 

SFD Producers Of Distinction™ (POD©) 
This program is addressing the need to feed an additional 3 billion people in the world by 2050, this will include products such as, (Pure Harvest™) Mobile Pure Harvest™ Beef 
and Hydroponic Pure Harvest™ Vegetables.  

Management Oversight Mission;

SFD SolutionsPlus™
, a subsidiary of Sustainable Food Development Inc., is an IT development and implementation company providing cloud-based solutions for agriculture in management, regulatory compliance, and consumer communication for vertically integrated agricultural production systems.

SFD SolutionsPlus™ proprietary IT solutions, offer extremely cost effective functionality in the areas of compliance audit, video monitoring, and source fresh food tracking, employee training, and consumer communication through the Internet and mobile devices. As a cloud-based solution, all stake-holders in the agricultural enterprise (producers, aggregators, retailers, and consumers) can be offered the highest degree of transparency into the food production process.  This transparency is one of the most critical factors in developing sustainable standards and production processes for which consumers and regulatory regimes are increasingly demanding.

SFDSP will deploy the new cloud based oversight system and reporting to meet the FDA Modernization Act 

International Items on our Menu:

Australia: Beetaloo Northern Territory project, the Beetaloo project is going to have four main sustainable elements:
  • Local Production,
  • Local Processing,
  • Local Market Distribution
  • Local Sustainable Market Branding

    Overview:  The Opportunity

    The economic growth spurred by the oil and gas industry, also allows for the development of the surface agricultural potential of the Beetaloo – which is likewise enormous.  The availability of water from the large aquifer in the region, favorable climate, and proximity to Asia with its exploding demand for food (Pure Protein), makes the Beetaloo Basin one of the most exciting opportunities in agriculture in the world.

    This opportunity for massive agricultural development lies in all areas of the modern agricultural enterprise of Pure-Protien:  animal  production; greenhouse vegetables; and grain production e.g., wheat, corn, sorghum, rice, etc.

    The Beetaloo Basin, situated 600 km south of Darwin in Northern Territory, Australia covers approximately 38.8 million acres  and is comprised of a mixture of woodland and grasslands with groundwater availability at variable depths from 50 to 300 meters. 

    Currently a significant portion of the basin is grazed by cattle, and is being extensively explored by major petroleum companies to allow for the development its enormous oil and natural gas production potential. 






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